Authorized Distributor and Warranty Service Station

January 15, 2021

NOVA Vacuums is an authorized distributor of all brands in our stores and is also an authorized warranty service station. We provide free estimates for fast, on-site repairs of your vacuum. Our locations in Manassas and Warrenton showcase a variety of vacuum brands, both new and re-furbished. Whether you’re looking for a new machine on a budget or need your older machine fixed and cleaned, NOVA Vacuums is there for you with a personalized customer experience.

Servicing All Vacuums in Manassas, VA

January 8, 2021

I inherited a very problematic central vacuum with my new house. They knew how to fix the multiple problems with the pipes, sold us the proper accessories to make it work, Helped us add a new outlet to increase coverage of the whole house and replace the old unit when it finally failed. Their prices are better than the competition and the central vacuum is better than any push vacuum I ever owned. Their recommendations are spot on and there is no high pressure sales tact. I’ve been a repeat customer for years and will remain so.

– Michele F. in Manassas, VA

NOVA Vacuums is your premier shop for all your central vacuum needs. We sell, service and install central vacuum systems, including new construction, mid construction or in an existing home. Stop in our Manassas or Warrenton location and we’ll discuss which features you need.

Begin 2021 with an Efficient Cleaning Machine!

January 1, 2021

Start the new year off with a sparkling clean home! Did you recently run your vacuum and notice that it’s not running efficiently anymore? Take it in to NOVA Vacuums! Our skilled, trained staff will observe it, diagnose the issue, and complete the repair! Our warrantied repair services also include a comprehensive cleaning. We look forward to helping you with your vacuum repairs! Stop by our locations in Warrenton or Manassas, Virginia.

Vacuum Part Found and Repairs Promptly Finished in Warrenton, VA

December 25, 2020

“I was extremely satisfied with the service I received at NOVA Vacuums. The owner tracked down an out-of-production motor for my Eureka machine and got the repairs done very promptly and at what I consider a very reasonable price. I would say that I’d go back again but really don’t expect to have to.”

– Carl Z. in Warrenton, VA

Vacuum repairs at our shop are fully warrantied! We also carry vacuum bags, filters, belts, and more. If your repair needs a replacement part, we will successfully track it down and complete the repair. For all your vacuum needs, stop by NOVA Vacuums today!

Vacuum Supplies and Accessories Available at Our Stores

December 18, 2020

While NOVA Vacuums specializes in vacuum sales, service, and repairs, we also have supplies and accessories available at our shops. This includes air purifiers, allergen HEPA filters, bags, replacement parts, rollers, and cleaning/janitorial solutions. Whether you need cleaning supplies for your home or business, the staff at NOVA Vacuums is ready to help you find what you’re looking for! Check out our stock at our locations in Warrenton and Manassas.

The Right Vacuum for Your Household in Northern VA

December 11, 2020

If you want a clean house, you need a real vacuum. I was initially anxious about deciding which vacuum to buy. After the staff member from NOVA Vacuums patiently dissected every part of the Miele, I was completely sold. He was really concerned about what I needed and which vacuum would be right for my house. He spent easily 2 hours with me making sure I was comfortable and happy. I was also really concerned about servicing such an expensive piece of equipment. Charles said a yearly service would keep my vacuum running great and I promised I’d see him in a year.”

– A.K in Arlington, VA

Choosing the right vacuum for your household cleaning needs can seem daunting. We’ll find the right machine for you! Stop by our store in Manassas or Warrenton.

Looking for a New Machine? Test One Out at Our Shop!

December 4, 2020

Did you know that when you visit NOVA Vacuums, you can test machines on the different flooring materials that we have on site? Both of our store locations carry a large variety of new and refurbished vacuums. We also accept trade-ins. If you need a particular vacuum part, we’ve got it in stock! If we don’t, we will gladly order the part for you and let you know when it arrives. The supplies we have are: belts, carpet cleaner solutions, bags, HEPA filters, spot treatments, allergen filters, and more. Call us or visit our store to learn more about your vacuum repair or sales.

Excellent Service and Prices for Your Vacuum Repairs

November 27, 2020

“If you want good service and reasonable prices then go to NOVA Vacuums. My Kirby had a broken wheel chipped fan and blown fuse. I’ve pushed it to its limits over the course of 5 years and they fixed it in no time for reasonable price.”

– Kevin S. in Manassas, VA

Looking for honest feedback on your broken vacuum? NOVA Vacuums offers efficient, same-day repairs! Our staff services and repairs all makes and models of vacuums. All repairs are completed at our shop and also includes a cleaning and one year warranty. Come visit our locations in Manassas and Warrenton soon!

Has Your Reliable Vacuum Given Out on You?

November 20, 2020

You’re vacuuming your home, getting underneath the couches and grabbing all of the pet hairs off the carpet when suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Your vacuum won’t pick up a piece of debris that you’ve been going over again and again. You think to yourself that maybe something is stuck and turn off the machine to investigate. You look at the bottom of the vacuum – nothing seems out of sorts. You open the canister – barely half full so it’s not clogged. You entertain taking everything apart but the task is daunting – what if you cannot put it together again?

Let us alleviate your vacuum troubles at NOVA Vacuums! With our trained and skilled staff, we know our machines in and out. Bring your vacuum in our shop for warrantied repairs. We’ll do our best to get your reliable machine back and running again. A well maintained vacuum can last many many years. Stop by soon!

Looking for a New Vacuum on a Budget in Manassas, VA?

November 13, 2020

“We purchased a re-conditioned vacuum from NOVA Vacuums a few years ago. We had a four pet household but a limited budget. The vacuum came with a two year warranty on service and parts, which we really appreciated. Currently, the vacuum is still going strong and handling our now five-cat household with aplomb. No issues whatsoever, and a very good machine!  Thanks again to NOVA Vacuum for the advice and product availability!”

– E.M in Manassas,, VA

We’ll help you find the right vacuum at the right price for your household! For many years, we’ve offered warrantied vacuum sales and repairs in the Manassas and Warrenton area in Virginia. The team at NOVA Vacuums wants to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy with your vacuum choice. Stop by our locations soon!

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