Whether Your Vacuum is New or Old, We’ll Take Care of It!

August 9, 2018

Imagine: You’re doing your weekly cleaning with your Dyson and everything is going good so far.  You’re getting the corners of the living room and the hair, dust, and lint ball count decreases. However, you notice that as quick as the vacuum takes it away, debris is being spat back out. You do the first thing that comes to mind and check the vacuum container – still only a quarter full. Whatever could be wrong with it would take some dismantling and that may create more problems (possibly missing parts when assembling it back, putting it back together incorrectly, etc.).

Nova Vacuums is here to diagnose and service your vacuum! If it’s an older vacuum, don’t worry! Our technicians are trained to work with vintage vacuums, also and will work with you in order to extend its life. Contact Nova Vacuums for your vacuum repair needed in Bristow, VA.

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