Get Your Vacuum Serviced by the NOVA Vacuums Team!

February 19, 2021

“I highly recommend Nova Vacuums to anyone that wants to service their vacuum instead of throwing it away and getting a new one like I used to do. I inherited my grandmother’s very old Oreck XL. It is so light that I just didn’t want to part with it after it started smoking and smelling like rubber the other day! I took it to NOVA Vacuums and learned that it was a quick fix and that the bearings that turn the brush can go bad. After a good cleaning and some minor repairs, it feels like I have a brand new Oreck for a very fair price! I am so glad I did not put it in the trash can. I didn’t know someone could be passionate about a vacuum store but the NOVA Vacuums staff was fantastic and I will go back again and again.”
– Carmen M. in Warrenton, VA

Think twice before tossing your prized vacuum! Let the NOVA Vacuum teams take a look at it first and we will do our best to get your machine running smoothly. Call us at 703.257.4871 (Manassas) or 540.351.6060 (Warrenton)!

10372 Portsmouth Rd.
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37 Lee Hwy.
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